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Who is TAG Overland?

TAG Overland is us, Therese and Greg. We are residents of the Central Coast of NSW, nestled between Sydney and Newcastle. Our shared passion revolves around exploring the vast and breathtaking landscapes of our beloved country, which we do whenever our schedules allow, utilising our trusted 4WD vehicle and camper trailer. However, with the demands of our work, time never seems to be on our side.

Now that our two children have grown up and no longer accompany us, it's just the two of us on our adventures. Greg holds an amateur radio license and actively engages in radio communication across HF and VHF bands.

We take great pride in being members of both the Central Coast 4WD Club and the Australian Campertrailer Group, where we have the opportunity to connect with fellow enthusiasts who share our love for exploration and outdoor experiences.

As we approach retirement, our goal is to dedicate more time to our travels, embracing the freedom that comes with it. The possibilities for new destinations are endless, but we are fully aware that time remains a limiting factor. Nevertheless, we maintain an unwavering enthusiasm, eagerly anticipating the chance to immerse ourselves in the wonders that our incredible country has to offer.

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From issue 98, March 2016 of Campertrailer Australia.

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