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We have installed a fan in the camper. It is a Caframo 807 Sirocco Fan White - 12 Volt. The 807 Sirocco 12 Volt fan is features a unique gimbaled design that allows airflow to be directed in any direction of the cabin - 360° and can be folded flat and out of the way against the bulkhead when not in use. The fan has multiple speeds, timer settings and quiet operation which makes it a good choice for comfortable cabins and salons.The current draw is only 0.4 amps (high speed).

It is attached to one of the uprights with a RAM mount on one of the poles. • RAM Dual Stainless Steel U-Bolt (RAM-B-235U) • RA Universal Mount (RAM-B-111U)

The RAM plate had to be modified slightly to align the mounting holes on the fan. Nothing a round file couldn't fix.

The sides of the RAM plare was notched so the nuts holding the fan base plare could be fitted and removed.

A hole was also drilled in the plare to allow the power cable to exit. A cable clamp holds in place and takes any strain.

Power is taken from below using Powerpole connectors, so can disconnected easily. The fan is easily and quickly removable, except for pole clamp, which has rubber covers on the bolts to protect the canvas when packed.

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