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South Coast Tour

Surf Beach, Narooma has two amazing sites of ancient geological significance and beauty at either end of the sandy beach.

At the southern end lie the imposing Glasshouse Rocks, dated between 510 and 440 million years old.

At the northern end of the beach there is a display of igneous pillow lava which formed through the lava flow of a submarine volcano.

At low tide you can walk to the rocks from Surf Beach carpark, around the headland to Glasshouse Rocks. Here you will see more of the rocks, which are impressive in stature. The pillow lava display is easily accessed along the beach, approximately 300m north of the carpark.

For headland views, follow Glasshouse Rocks Road and veer left onto Cemetery Road and the Narooma Cemetery carpark. Head past the cemetery on foot towards the white fence.

To access the beach, you can walk around the fence into bush to access a track (no signs). At the beach head south to reach Glasshouse Rocks.

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