A Journal of our Travels

1996 Mitsubishi Pajero NJ 2.8T (1996-2012)

A 1995 build, Mitsubishi NJ Pajero GLS 2.8TD 5 speed manual, which was purchased new in February 1996 and sold in January 2012. 16 years of troublefree motoring up until we cooked the motor in 2012.


We fitted a Safari snorkel to protect the engine by keeping the water out when fording creeks. Fontal protection is provided by a TJM steel winchmount bulbar, while a Milford cargo barrier protects the occupants from the gear carried in the rear. We had mad some custom steel sidestep/sill protectors which work well.


To improve the forward visibility at night, we have fitted IPF driving lights mounted on the bullbar. Supplying power is a dual battery setup using a Piranha electronic battery isolator. A Jaycar voltmeter mounted on the dash provides the voltage of both batteries when needed. To supply power to the trailer, we have 2 x Anderson 175A connectors at the rear. One is connected to the main battery (N70ZZ4WD) via a solenoid, and one is connected to the 2nd battery. We use power from the main battery to charge the trailer batteries while traveling. It is able to be switched on and off from a switch on the dash. For better security and ease of use, a keyless entry and engine immobiliser has been fitted.


The setup for towing is a Hayman Reese towbar, and a Tekonsha Prodigy electric brake controller - fitted under dash on left of steering column.

Suspension and wheels

The Pajero has been fitted with 7JJx15 Track 4 steel rims with 31x10.5R15 BFG A/T tyres. To improve tyre and underbody clearance, a 50mm suspension lift has been fitted. Basically this comprises new coil springs on the rear, and winding up the front torsion bars. This does reduce the downward wheel travel of the front suspension.Polyair airbags were fitted in early 2007 (valves fitted in left and right ends of rear bumper) to reduce rear end sag when the trailer is attached.


We now (Nov 07) have a GME TX3220 40 channel UHF CB radio fitted for car to car communications. This replaces a Pearce-Simpson UF-2020 which started giving problems after 15 years service. For RFDS, VK737 network, Radtel and amateur radio, we have a Barrett 950 HF transceiver driving a Barrett 910 autotune antenna (now on rear). It was moved from the front to keep us legal and provide better forward visibility for the front passenger.


A TJM aluminium roof rack allows us to carry camping equipment etc on the roof. We have fitted a Kaymar canvas roof bag to keep things clean and dry. A lockable space box from ARB is also fitted to the roof-rack to store gear. In the rear we have made some storage compartments which house plastic bins and roll out drawers.

Recovery Gear

In addition to a snatch strap, we also carry a Bighaul hand winch, and a Bushranger Max Air Compressor which enables us to re-inflate the tyres very quickly.

Update January 2012

After 16 years and 256K km of reliable service, the Pajero has finally come to the end of it's life thanks to a cooked motor.

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