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A Journal of our Travels

A Journal of our Travels

Hi, this is our website to display some of the travel we have done, both in Australia, and to other countries. We live on the Central Coast, just north of Sydney Australia.

This website is a work in progress, and is continually being updated, so please come back and visit again. You can also follow our travels on Instagram, Facebook, or sign up for our updates.

We have showcased our travels.

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Have a look at our international travel

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We are putting together details of campsites we have stayed at.

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Painted Silos around the country.

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See details of our vehicles and campertrailers.

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Some very useful information here.

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  • Morpeth

    We visited Morpeth for lunch.

  • The Coffee Cubby

    We found great coffee in Woodville - The Coffee Cubby.

  • Paterson

    We visited Paterson for coffee, and checked out the railway bridge next to the local park.

  • Dean's Green Paddock

    We spent 4 nights camped at Dean's Green Paddock.

  • Time for New Batteries

    After 9 years, it's time to replace the batteries in the Aussie Swag Campertrailer.

  • Radios Installed

    We have now installed 2 transceivers in the D-Max.

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