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Shelving has been fitted to the canopy of the D-Max.

15mm plywood was used. I considered 12mm to save weight, then went with 15mm for the extra strength for the large spans between supports. The plywood was painted to protect it.

I covered the top shelf in marine carpet using Kwik Grip spray adhesive. Next time I would use the standard tins as the spray adhesive is not as effective at sticking the carpet to the plywood.

The carpet was wrapped around the edges and stapled.

Unistrut (41mm H/D) was used to support the top shelf at each end. I used M10 galvanised bolts and channel nuts.

Ply supports are used in the middle to support the shelf.

The left side box for the Frontrunner boxes was carpeted on the top. Liquid Kwik Grip was used this time which provided a better stick. White aluminium angle (20x12mm) was fitted around the edges.

Finished shelving:

Next is to fit the fridge slide and our old CF80 dual zone fridge.

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